Henri Charlet

Getting more than just the usual

Henri Charlet, with his martial arts fitness program, offers you an all-round workout training body, mind and soul. The training is adapted to each person individually. It is both challenging and effective, and it will increase your conditioning, coordination, strength and agility. It supports you developing mental strength which is an important capability for being successful in your job and for reducing stress.

Individual training is offered in the greater area of Baden-Baden, while group training can take place in whole Europe according to a prior agreement.

Mental strength and more confidence with martial arts fitness

Personal Training
for body, mind & soul

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Henri Charlet

Improving yourself is more relevant than defeating others

Traditional martial arts affect health, physical and mental capabilities in a positive way and help developing a strong character. It's less about a competition against others but more about focusing on a personal development process. Henri Charlet offers a diversified, challenging workout and aids you finding yourself.

About Henri Charlet

Henri Charlet, former German national coach, European Champion and six-time German Champion in Kickboxing, has trained more than 15,000 students - being very successful. His students won more than 210 German championships, 12 European championships and 19 world championships. Henri Charlet, 7th Dan Kickboxing and 5th Dan in Karate, runs his martial arts schools in Southwest Germany.

Success in sports

Success as trainer

In the events of Kickboxing, amateur boxing,
professional boxing and Karate

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I offer personal training designed for business companies, too.
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Henri Charlet
Personal Trainer

Baden Baden, Offenburg, St. Georgen,
Lahr, Hausach, Weitenung, Triberg

Telefonhörer+49 (0) 172 802 500 5

Henri Charlet
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„If my guests ask for a personal trainer for self-defense and fitness, I count on Henri Charlet. He offers a comprehensive workout for body, mind and soul adapted on each guest's needs and capabilities.”

Hans-Peter Veit, Spa Manager of Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa in Baden-Baden

„About body and soul: The one who's training one's mind can combine physical and mental techniques to gain success.“